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HIE SCHWEISS-SYSTEME GmbH is your trusted partner providing you with welding controls, welding parameter monitoring, adaptive controls, quality assurance and power electronics for resistance welding machines.

We are experts in professional applications meeting new technological challenges and offering solutions for tomorrow’s problems. Advanced technology – that’s our standard. Our HIE control systems are designed to optimise your machine systems to function with higher efficiency and economy. Subsequently you will achieve greater stability and an improved data documentation of your welding processes. It would be our pleasure to pass on our know-how to you for your benefit.

All customers’ requests will be processed individually. Do not hesitate to request single units! We would be glad to meet your special requirements. HIE is the partner you can rely on.

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HIE products control and monitor the resistance welding process. The product scope extends from simple compact welding timers to complex system solutions for almost every application.

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Resistance welding has long been established in the industry. It is efficient, robust and very suitable for automation. The fields of application are diverse and can be found in almost all industrial areas.


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Use our service offers. We support you in product selection, system configuration, commissioning and process optimization. We will be happy to help you quickly and competently.

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A customer once asked us: "Why do I love to dance tango?" His answer: "Because I can do it so well." Conclusion: If you master one thing, you feel safe and enjoy it. We want you to feel safe when using our products and achieve optimal results for your production. Use our extensive education and training options.

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About HIE

HIE SCHWEISS-SYSTEME GmbH has been developing and building electronic devices for resistance welding applications for over 40 years. We offer you both experience and innovation. Our customers come from all industrial areas in which resistance welding is used.



The following applies particularly to resistance welding: A good welding result requires optimal coordination of process knowledge, welding control and machine properties. Good product and process knowledge is very important. Our sales and engineering partners are trained on our products. They are one of the leading companies in their industry worldwide.


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